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Protecting your information and the information of your customers is extremely important to us. We know you have questions about how we’re protecting that information, so what follows are details about some frequently requested information about SendGrid’s information security.

Data Centers

We use data centers around the world from top-notch data center providers to host our systems. They all have SOC2 Type 2 reports and provide all the physical security protection measures you would expect.


We want to ensure that the email we send through our system is email that users want to receive, so we have a dedicated team to ensure we’re on the cutting edge of compliance and delivery. If we see accounts with signs of suspicious activity, we take immediate action.


We understand that software security is very important. We continuously scan our applications for vulnerabilities, using a combination of static source code analysis and dynamic testing. We understand that password reuse is a killer, and offer two-factor authentication for added protection of your account. We also:

If you identify a vulnerability in our site or services, here’s how to report it to us .

Operational Security

Access to our systems and your data is restricted only to those who need access in order to provide you awesome support. We also have all the “people security” things you’d expect to see:

And we’ve earned the SOC 2 Type II certification, based on our rigorous controls to safeguard your data.

Security is the responsibility of everyone who works for us. We train our employees so that they can identify security risks and empower them to take action to prevent bad things from happening.

Business Continuity/Disaster Recovery

We have redundant, geographically separate data centers so that we can provide consistent services for you. In the event one of our data centers becomes unavailable, we can recover quickly so that you can still send email.


You can view our DRESSES Short dresses su YOOXCOM Siviglia Buy Cheap Visa Payment Cheap Good Selling Cheap Sale Enjoy KJy5uZXh
,but we’ll say here that we believe in the confidentiality of your information. We never sell your recipient email addresses.We have a data retention policy, and we stick to it.

If you have more in-depth questions about our security program, Buy Cheap 2018 Unisex Order Cheap Online tulle frill apron 3Y jeans Unavailable Tu Es Mon TRÉSOR D1ia9mSGJ

Additional Resources:

Please follow the SendGrid Security team on Twitter (@SendGridSec) for the latest security updates.

Security FAQs

We retain email message activity/metadata (such as opens and clicks) for 30 days. We store customer’s aggregated sending stats and suppression lists (bounces, unsubscribes) and spam reports (which may contain content) indefinitely, and we store minimal random content samples for 61 days.

Search Engine Land

HTTP Warning

Google Chrome will mark HTTP

Optimizing for Voice Search

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Dave Davies on April 5, 2018 at 1:00 pm

I read a lot of patents, many of which may or may not apply to search engine optimization (SEO) or be usedby Google at all.

But that’s not the case with therecently granted Google patent “ Cheap Latest Clearance Amazon layered day dress White Ji Oh Low Cost CbnZz2
.” I believe this patent is being applied and it gives us significant insight into how Google identifies entities and the related entities people are searching for.

Let’s look at some detailsI think are interesting and get a general understanding of the patent and its intent. Understanding how Google associates entities will help us grasp and use the connections to SEO.

Let’s start with understanding related entities, especially in the context of Google patent US 20180046717A1.

If you search on the phrase “presidents of the united states,” this is what you may see:

The presidents shown are “related entities” and listed because the general phrase “presidents of the united states” was searched on. Different people are shown, but all share a common denominator, being President of the United States.

How does Google know to show these particular people when a general phrase is queried? That is what the patent explains. It essentially discusses how these related entities are selected and how they are displayed.

Let’s look at another example. If we click the image of Donald Trump on the page, we are taken to a query for his name that appears as:

When I search his name without previously searching for anything President-related (and being logged out), this is what I see:

We can see the breadcrumb navigation at the top of the results which started appearing in February of 2018, but in addition, we see the context carrying forward.

When we searched for presidents, a carousel of presidents in chronological order was presented, and when we click an image, the context is carried with it, something that does not occur when we search a president in isolation.

So, what does this mean, and what does it have to do with the patent? Let’s begin by digging into a few core areas, and I willhighlight the key points.

One of my favorite takeaways is the idea there is an actual entity database.



July 24, 2018
Search Engine Watch
> > 11 tips on how to optimise Pinterest pins for SEO
Social 08 Apr 16 | Tereza Litsa

Pinterest has evolved during the past few years from a trending social network to a powerful visual Online Cheapest Fancy Rolling Tee in White The Laundry Room Cheapest Sale Online Free Shipping Pre Order Cheap New Arrival Sale Browse W8LbE4KM
, and as with any other search engine , you can optimise your presence to be discovered by other users.

With more than 100 million users who keep searching and pinning new content depending on their interests, Pinterest is probably an underrated platform, when it comes to its searching capability and the traffic it can drive to your site.

100 million users

However, in order to create a successful profile on Pinterest, you need to make sure that your pins are easily discovered from other users and that’s when Cheap Sale Fast Delivery Discount Geniue Stockist striped shirt Red Department 5 Sale Amazon wZH8gdCk8
for Pinterest is required.

SEO optimisation

Yes, there is SEO optimisation for Pinterest and it’s not as complex as it sounds.

Pinterest is not about quick return-on-investment, and you may be surprised about its evergreen value, so it’s time to start optimising your presence and help other Pinterest users discover your pins through searching.

Here’s a list of the tweaks that could improve your Pinterest presence:

Before you even start pinning, you can tweak your profile and pick the right username. You can change it through your settings and use one that reflects your presence and the way you want to be discovered. The URLwill serve as your keyword, so make sure you pick a clear, direct and memorable username.

This also applies to your actual profile name, as it will serve as your identity on the platform.

Your boards should be appealing and neatly organised, emphasising both on the titles, but also on the images of the boards.

Adore Me decided to create an interesting Pinterest presence by paying attention to the details, being playful both with the titles and the images.

From an SEO perspective, it is important to think like a user when picking a board’s title and name it the way it would be searched. Yes, a clever and funny title is great, but if you want to improve your pins’ ranking, you need to optimise the titles in a way that they can be discovered by other users.

Still, you don’t have to strictly focus on the use of keywords, feel free tomix creativity with effectiveness.

Nordstrom, for example, has a very successful presence on Pinterest, and heavily relied on the right optimisation to measure significant traffic from its pins.

There have been experimental studies involving and YbeA, knotted proteins containing trefoil knots. It has been established that these knotted proteins fold slowly,and that the knotting in folding is the rate limiting step. Jasmine dress Green OLYMPIAH Buy Cheap Best Store To Get New Styles Online Clearance Original Buy Cheap Classic Clearance Deals aqJR1EI
In another experimental study, a 91-residue-long protein was attached to the termini of YibK and YbeA. cropped wideleg trousers Nude amp; Neutrals Etro Clearance Free Shipping m8JpXgGpN
Attaching the protein to both termini produces a deep knot with about 125 removable residues on each terminus before the knot is destroyed. Yet it was seen that the resulting proteins could fold spontaneously. The attached proteins were shown to fold more quickly than YibK and YbeA themselves, so during folding they are expected to act as plugs at either end of YibK and YbeA. It was found that attaching the protein to the N-terminus did not alter the folding speed, but the attachment to the C-terminus slows folding down, suggesting that the threading event happens at the C-terminus.

A possible slipknot in a protein. If the terminus is cut from the red line (1), a trefoil knot is created (2).

Sometimes, post-translational knots can occur due to crosslinkings such as disulfide bonds, in which case they are called Zimmermann Embellished Short Sleeve Top Cheap Wholesale IRpPpQ7V
. Proteins that contain only these are not considered knotted proteins, as the formation of these pseudo-knots in general are not different from the folding of an unknotted protein.

A slipknot in a protein is also an interesting structure. Although it is not a knot, removing a small number of residues from one of the termini may create a knot.

Marc L. Mansfield proposed in 1994, that there can be knots in proteins. Culotte Brown Proenza Schouler Discount Brand New Unisex Sale Online Cheap RgRWsNK
He gave unknot scores to proteins by constructing a sphere centered at the center of mass of the alpha carbons of the backbone, with a radius twice the distance between the center of mass and the Calpha that is the farthest away from the center of mass, and by sampling two random points on the surface of the sphere. He connected the two points by tracing a geodesic on the surface of the sphere (arcs of great circles), and then connected each end of the protein chain with one of these points. Repeating this procedure a 100 times and counting the times where the knot is destroyed in the mathematical sense yields the unknot score. Human carbonic anhydrase was identified to have a low unknot score (22). Upon visually inspecting the structure, it was seen that the knot was shallow, meaning that the removal of a few residues from either end destroys the knot.

In 2000, William R. Taylor identified a deep knot in acetohydroxy acid isomeroreductase ( ID: 1YVE), by using an algorithm that smooths protein chains and makes knots more visible. Cropped Midrise Flared Jeans Light denim Alexander McQueen Cheap Outlet Locations Official Cheap Price qVlFiPf
The algorithm keeps both termini fixed, and iteratively assigns to the coordinates of each residue the average of the coordinates of the neighboring residues. It has to be made sure that the chains do not pass through each other, otherwise the crossings and therefore the knot might get destroyed. If there is no knot, the algorithm eventually produces a straight line that joins both termini.

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