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But that monumental day is coming. At first, genome editing will be used to eliminate hereditary diseases, such as sickle cell anemia, cystic fibrosis, and hemochromatosis (excessive iron in the blood), and to eliminate predispositions to diseases like cancer, heart disease, behavioral disorders, and dementia. Eventually, genome editing will be used to treat less serious conditions, such as male pattern baldness, or to select a child’s hair and eye color. More radically, germline interventions could be used for enhancement purposes and the introduction of super-human characteristics, such as greater memory and intelligence, super-robust immune systems (e.g. a built-in immunity to AIDS or bacterial superbugs), and greater physical strength. In theory, genomic editing could also be used to introduce new characteristics altogether, such as an increased dynamic acoustic range, an ability to see infrared and ultraviolet light, and the ability to hold breath underwater for extended periods.

The Nuffield Council on Bioethics did not explicitly address some of these more futuristic scenarios, but the language in report did not preclude these possibilities. To be deemed ethical, the council said heritable genome editing interventions must adhere to two overarching principles: They “must be intended to secure, and be consistent with, the welfare of the future person,” and “they should not increase disadvantage, discrimination or division in society,” write the authors of the report.

The council also made a batch of recommendations: Genome tweaks should be licensed on a case-by-case basis; more research is needed to establish standards of clinical safety; long-term studies should assess potential risks to individuals, groups, and society as as whole; and so on. The council also wants to see the establishment of an independent UK body to promote public debate on the matter, and to monitor social, cultural, legal, and health impacts. The UK should also work with international organizations, such as UNESCO and the Council of Europe, to establish a framework for international governance on these treatments.

“Whilst there is still uncertainty over the sorts of things genome editing might be able to achieve, or how widely its use might spread, we have concluded that the potential use of genome editing to influence the characteristics of future generations is not unacceptable in itself. However, the possibilities it raises could have significant impacts on individuals, families and on society,” said Yeung. “It is important that governments and public authorities step up and address these possibilities before people start asking to use this technology. Therefore, we urge the government to invest in supporting and encouraging broad and inclusive public debate, and put in place the governance measures that we need to ensure this promising technology is not used against the public interest.”

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Last week’s historic summit on human gene-editing has come to a close, and its organizing committee …

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Today’s report is good for the United Kingdom, but it’s also good for the world. In addition to normalizing the conversation around gene modification, the Nuffield Council on Bioethics is providing a sensible and responsible roadmap for moving forward. It’s still early days, but this is a great start.


When legal matters.

Antoinette Theodossakos

Antoinette guides employers – from large companies with many locations to start-up enterprises with one office and a few employees – in all aspects of labor relations and employment-related issues in the workplace. She has experience in federal and state courts as well as before agencies such as the Florida Commission on Human Relations and the Equal Employment Opportunity Commission.

Antoinette advises clients in a broad range of employment issues including employment terminations, sexual harassment, racial and gender investigations, and family and medical leave.

Born in Ontario, Canada, Antoinette grew up in West Palm Beach. She received her law degree from Northeastern University School of Law, Boston and a master’s degree from Florida Atlantic University. While in law school at Northeastern, Antoinette was a member of the Moot Court Team; and at FAU, she was a member of the Alpha Kappa Delta National Sociology Honor Society.

Prior to joining Haile Shaw Pfaffenberger, Antoinette was a partner with Edwards Angell Palmer Dodge, LLP, now known as Locke Lord.

She is a member of the Florida Bar and the Palm Beach County Bar Association. Antoinette is the vice chair of the Palm Beach State College Foundation, a member of the Society for Human Resource Management, a former board member of Nonprofits First, and a former member of the Leukemia Lymphoma Society’s Team-in-Training.

Antoinette frequently speaks to organizations and has published articles on employment law and related current topics.

Haile Shaw Pfaffenberger – When Legal Matters.

As a kid, Antoinette did her homework sitting at a table in her family’s restaurant – Howley’s, a West Palm Beach landmark. Her experience both learning and working at Howley’s helped pave the way toward Antoinette’s keen skills in employment law. Today, Antoinette brings her own children to the restaurant which their grandparents sold some years ago. In her spare time, she enjoys running and cycling, and has completed two marathons, five sprint-distance triathlons and three Olympic-distance triathlons on behalf of the Leukemia Lymphoma Society of Palm Beach County.

Corporate Business

Antoinette Theodossakos

Shareholder [email protected]

EDUCATION Northeastern University School of Law Florida Atlantic University

PRACTICE AREAS Corporate Business Employment Litigation Nonprofit

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Magnifico (Printed Diapers)
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35 Reviews Add Your Review

Bambino Magnifico Diapers are the most absorbent and comfortable diapers yet! Features our first all over print, patent pending stretch waist technology for the perfect fit and hybrid diaper construction. The new gold standard for ABDL diapers!

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Magnifico We are proud to introduce the new gold standard for ABDL diapers - The Bambino Magnifico! They are the most absorbent and comfortable diapers the community has ever seen. They have an all over print and incorporate our patent pending stretch waist technology for the perfect fit. Their unique hybrid diaper construction and unmatched comfort will make you never want to take them off or wear another diaper ever again! We have worked hard on bringing this diaper to life for over a year now, involving the ABDL community every step of the way! From feedback on the original prototype diapers (we listened and improved them!) to the naming contest and artwork contest. We couldn't be happier with the results and can't wait for everyone to experience what a premium adult diaper should be. Enjoy!


The important details you need to know:

Our first all over print featuring a cute, unisex dino design! Patent pending stretch waist panel with micro memory technology All plastic diaper with mechanical hook and loop closure system More absorbent and comfortable than our Bellissimo Newly designed extra wide, extra strength hook tabs Hybrid sizing! S/M - 26"-46" waist, L/XL - 36"-56" waist
ATTENTION: Oils/Lotions/Creams can cause ink to skin transmission on plastic diapers. We do not cover damages if this occurs.
Reviews 35
Customer Reviews
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The Love Affair Continues
I've been wearing these diapers since they came out, and my addiction to them is getting stronger. They hug like no other diaper, and feel incredible on me, wet or dry. Expensive, but I am powerless to resist them! Watch for sales, always buy full cases, cut back in other areas, and you can afford to wear Magnificos, the best diaper of all. Once you start wearing them you will never be able to stop!

Review by DiaperMike

Posted on

Wow what an awesome diaper
This is fantastic such a comfortable Diaper. Im really impressed we'll worth the money I just wish it would make more noise.

Review by Snakeyees

Posted on

Most comfy diapers ever!
I was on the fence about trying these and I am glad I did the diapers are awesome perfect for day or night time use. Can't wait for my little girl to try them this weekend cause these are the best diapers I've ever worn. I love being able to readjust the tabs as needed and the stretchy sides make day time use at work comfortable and easy. Definitely found my new #1 diaper.

Review by DL_daddt

Posted on

Really good diaper!
I just bought the sample to try and it fits real good, the stretch is really nice and snug, had no issues with it at all. The stretch makes bending and stuff feel a lot better than the other diapers too, will definitely be buying some more and the print is nice too!!! Would recommend :)

Review by Johnny

Posted on

#1 Diaper
I like to pee alot as a 210lb 5'8" man. This Diaper fits my 41" waist perfectly. I'm not that slim, BUT these diapers fit PERFECT! They are a dream DIAPER! THEY ADJUST! They don't need tape! They stretch. They are soft. I hope they make the same diaper with different print. I like cute diapers with animals, or other cute objects.

Review by Zeek

Posted on

Nothing else compares
I was blown away when I got my case last week. This diaper is the best...the stretch,and the velcro tabs are the best thing ever. If you don't have these diapers then you have second rate or third rate diapers. These are the best ever. Thanks Bambino

Review by Diaper John

Posted on

this diapers are the best ever!
I have been in incontinence briefs for over 6 years, I'm pretty confident I have tried every "advanced" type of Diaper there available. Hands down these are the best I have EVER worn, They excel in both fit and comfort. The new tab system is absolutely awesome. Simply speaking i've never been happier with a diaper.......!

Review by Jeffery

Posted on

Very Comfy!
I just got my case of these diapers and I love them. There Super cute and nice and thick and padded. There fun to wear and pretty cute when wet because it kinda makes me walk more baby like because of the then more thickened crotch and back padding becomes. Also I absolutely love the stretch waist and the way the diaper fastens around your waist and how absorbent they are. These hold very secure and are very comfy to sleep in and wake up to. The small/medium is a little bigger then I thought it would be but Im not complaining this diaper gets 5 stars from me. Thank you for making such a great diaper. Love BabyGirlKat.

Review by BabyGirlKat

Posted on

Second to nobody now in the niche specialty diaper makers
So I’ve never worn a Bambino diaper in my 31 years of dealing with 24/7 urinary and at times bowel incontinence. Not sure why I even ordered a half case of these diapers recently. It was on an impulse for sure having just added two cases of my favorite all time night diaper “Rearz Safari” to my shopping cart. This being since wife/Mommy halted my use of cloth diapers 24/7 for most of the past 10 years. So I get these very ABDL diapers and decide to wear for daytime use. Hesitant at first to go to far with the tap tab system having been burned over and over again with tab migration, pop-offs, and poked in the upper thighs too. Over the next two days I push both the tape tabs and duration before changing till I reach that all too familiar “saturation point” where I dare not sit down least I have the frown faces of shame and wetness on my backside for all to see. Next I realize the diaper is noteworthy for absorbency. This is good but what I’m about to share is genuine pure honesty. I’ve never worn a diaper that fits as well, felt as though normal underwear, and was super discreet. My God this is such an incredible diaper and it is dynamic with bending sitting etc....without the usual worries of all prior disposable specialty diapers I’ve worn for 31 years. Can’t say enough great things here and now regret never having tried Bambino diapers till know! There’s a new boss in town and it’s Bambino Magnificio Dino with stretch tape tabs. I will be sharing this with all my friends and patients that I know who suffer from chronic incontinence. This is the best and thanks so very much!

Review by Pisspants

Posted on

greatest nappie ever
these are the best diapers I have ever worn and the tabs to fasten it are the best!

Review by lil sissy

Posted on

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In writing

The easiest way to make a representation in writing is to complete the representation section provided as part of the PCN:

The registered keeper

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